Plastic Beta is a powerful, database driven mobile app that offers gym climbers and managers unprecedented route use and management capability coupled with interactive social features. Check out a few of our app screens (right)!
Imagine walking into your local climbing gym and being able to quickly access gym info on your phone or mobile device such as:
A list of all gym routes with detailed descriptions and search features.
A list of all routes you have climbed with analytics

Ability to vote and comment on routes

Notification of new routes or gym announcements via email or text.
Profiles of members including ascent activity (with option for private setting).
Messaging center
Gym info including member activity and a zone map of routes
Setter statisitcs including average route usage and voter ratings.
Track friends gym activity through a friends list.
Ability to do all of the above for multiple gyms in your area
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Gym Managers
Plastic Beta offers comprehensive route management capability with the ability to archive expired routes. Gym route usage data never disappers and can be tracked over time.
Plastic Beta features powerful gym analytics with detailed reports of route usage and member activity.
Contact us for more information and how to set up Plastic Beta for your gym!


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